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wily_eyebrows's Journal

Wily Eyebrows: Fans of The Actor Paul Reynolds
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In celebration of the actor Paul Reynolds, off of Press Gang, Let Him Have It, etc.
Hello, and welcome to 'Wily Eyebrows', a fan community for the delicious pintsized God of all his sex, Paul Reynolds. No, not him out of Flock Of Seagulls, the other one. The one out of Press Gang. The one with all the eyebrows.

He may be underused, underappreciated and under 5 foot 7, but we love him - for he is a legend, a comedy genius and an unconventional Honey of the highest order. He brings depths of vulnerability and pathos to the most despicable characters and his own idiosynchratic energy to any scene and has been doing so, bloody well at that, since he was too young to so much as order a lager top from a bar. And if that's not worth celebrating, what is?

So join in the whiffling - because it's not the size of your part that matters, it's what you do with it that counts.